The Right Reverend
Gary Robert Buchanan

The Right Reverend
Reano Castell

The American Association of Concerned Clergymen seeks to preserve and protect the rights of professional clergymen to carry out their sacred duties as guaranteed by constitutional provisions. Our specific areas of concern are with preaching, public relations and the press. Our sister organization is the National League of Concerned Clergywomen.

As clergymen, we do have our responsibilities in the pulpit. In addressing the concerns of fellow clergymen in public forums; however, our talks are less theological in nature and more focused upon ecumenical concerns of common interest, upon governmental and social issues confronting the clergy, and upon similar matters affecting religious rights and freedoms in our nation.

We regularly support and attend ecumenical functions. We also encourage interdenominational performances of and attendance at public liturgical services.

As supporters of the Nevada Clergymen's Association, we have pursued several matters of concern to clergy in the State of Nevada, including proposed legislation affecting religion, perceived unfair taxation of churches, and the poor image of churches and religionists often portrayed in the media, which would include the Internet.

Our overall aim is to endure as clergymen in a climate favorable to and tolerant of religious expression.

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