The Reverend Douglas Eugene Savoy, Jr. is the elder son of Bishop Douglas Eugene Savoy. He graduated from the Jamilian Parochial School in 1989. Later that year, he began formal seminary studies at the Jamilian University of the Ordained and was later ordained into the ministry of the Second Advent Church.
        Rev. Savoy is Episcopal Vicar of the Church and holds a seat on the Sacred Oversee. Other offices include Church Canon Lawyer; Treasurer for the Andean Explorers Foundation & Ocean Sailing Club; President of the Steamboat Springs Water Works Company; and Assistant Director of the Steamboat Villa Hot Springs Spa.
        In past years, he was teacher of American Government and Religion at the Jamilian Parochial School, and he served on the School Council Board.
        He is an avid reader and student of history and government. He has traveled extensively, visiting Mexico, Peru, England, Scotland, Ireland, Hawaii and many parts of the United States.
        In 1996, he married Simona Sharp of Denver, Colorado. They have two daughters, Sonya Jeanette and Sabrina Josephine.

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