The Right Reverend Ileana Isfan is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, but has lived in Texas, California and Nevada.
       She has traveled extensively, visiting Europe, the Far East, Polynesia and Mexico.
        She was ordained to the ministry of the Second Advent Church in 1974 and has been a resident of Reno, Nevada, since 1978. Among other duties, she has served as Community Editor, researcher, archivist, librarian, and as Art and Science teacher at the Jamilian Parochial School since its founding. She also served as Chairperson of the School Council Board.
        She holds a seat on the Sacred Oversee of the Church, is a faculty member at the Jamilian University of the Ordained, and is Senior Contributing Editor for the Community Communique. In 1997, she was appointed Prioress of the Steamboat Springs Priory, located at the historic site of Steamboat Hot Springs, Nevada. She has been associated with the Advocates for Religious Rights and Freedoms since its inception in 1981.
        Rev. Isfan has a background in Ceramic Engineering and Art from the Universities of Saskatchewan, Texas, and Berkeley.

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