The Right Reverend Robert Petrovich, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, began seminary studies at the Jamilian University in 1978 and two years later moved to Reno, Nevada, at which time he was ordained into the ministry of the Second Advent Church. He now holds a seat on the Sacred Oversee of the International Community of Christ. He is director of the Church's Office of Public Information. He is Senior Editor and writer for the Community Communique and is a member of the Church's editorial staff. At present, he is compiling a dictionary of Second Advent theological terms.
        His is Program Director of the Jamilian University of the Ordained's Academy and serves as a member of the University faculty.
        Rev. Petrovich has been Administrator of the Jamilian Parochial School for over ten years and has been an instructor in Religion, Mathematics, History, Literature, English and Writing.
        Recently he developed a teachers guide for a seminar program of Socratic inquiry to be used in conjunction with American Government courses at the high school level. The guide is being distributed nationally by the Paideia Group Inc. He is presently developing a similar guidebook for Modern History courses.
        Rev. Petrovich carries a B.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and teaching certificates in elementary and secondary education from the University of Nevada, Reno.

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