The Right Reverend Reano Castell began theological study at the Jamilian University of the Ordained in1969 and was ordained to the ministry of the Second Advent Church in 1983. He is Director of the Department of Ecclesiology for the International Community of Christ and holds a seat on the Sacred Oversee of the Church. He also holds the office of Secretary of the International Community Guilds. A long-time member of the Advocates for Religious Rights and Freedoms, it was not until October 2000 when Rev. Castell was appointed to co-chair the American Association of Concerned Clergymen, replacing the late Rev. Lawson V. Crabb.
        Rev. Castell was born in Trimbach-Taraps, Switzerland, where he inherited the title of Town Burgermeister, but moved to Canada as a young man and, in 1983, relocated to the United States. Rev. Castell has a background in engineering and architecture and owned and operated a construction business in Victoria, British Columbia, for twenty-seven years before dedicating his life to the ministry.

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