The Reverend Naomi Elizabeth Reece is originally from Greenville, South Carolina, where she was trained as an IBM Customer Engineer. Her son, Todd, was born in 1970. She began seminary studies at the Jamilian University of the Ordained in 1976 and in 1977 moved to Reno, Nevada. Shortly thereafter, she became a volunteer worker for the International Community of Christ and was appointed to the Apostolic Chancellery. Rev. Reece was ordained into the ministry of the Second Advent Church in 1978.
        She is Head Sacristan attached to the University Chapel in Reno, Nevada, and the Cathedral Church of the Americas. She has worked as Executive Assistant to Bishop Gene Savoy, as Student Services director for the Jamilian University of the Ordained, as Church Registrar and Notary.
        Her talents include painting, drawing and stained glass work. She is a member of the Stained Glass Guild of the International Community Guilds Corporation. She also plays the harp, performing at many of the Church's liturgical functions, as well as at ecumenical and interfaith gatherings.

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