The Reverend Rebecca E. Willis is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She attended Northwestern University, obtaining a BA in Mathematics. She studied at the Chicago Art Institute and at the Art Students League in New York, and later taught art and math in Switzerland and New York. Her paintings and jewelry were widely exhibited in New York state.
        She was involved in initial research into the use of computers in education at IBM, and as a result of a large grant from IBM, founded and became president of Shared Educational Computer Systems in New York. The non-profit company supplied computer service from a large main frame computer via phone lines over a 400 square-mile area to forty non-profit and educational organizations. Research was done in the development of instructional material, and training classes were provided for teachers and university professors. Software work included development of on-line database applications, and clients included Cornell Medical School, Vassar College, Bard College, University of Pennsylvannia Medical School, Sloan Kettering Hospital, several private high schools, and the U.S. Chess Federation. She lectured widely for IBM, and at professional educational organizations on the use of computers in education. A number of her articles and papers have been published.
        With the advent of the personal computer in the mid-1970s, Rev. Willis opened one of the first computer stores in the United States. This led her to open her own business in Denver, which specialized in developing business software for use with personal computers. At that time, she was president of the Delphi Computer Center, which was later acquired by Micro Health Corporation, for which she was Vice President of Development in charge of designing and developing software for small hospitals and doctors' offices. From the medical software field, Rev. Willis moved on to Sharoff Food Service in Denver, where she was Vice President of Data Processing. This involved management of a large computer center and development of accounting, inventory and warehouse management software.
        Rev. Willis began studies with the Jamilian University of the Ordained in 1984 and moved to Reno in 1988 to further pursue her theological training and ministerial career. She brought her thirty years of experience as a business executive to the International Community of Christ, where she now works primarily in the financial and business aspects of Church administration. She holds the offices of Church Canon Lawyer and Finance Minster. She is Administrator of the International Community Guilds Corporation and the Steamboat Villa Hot Springs Spa. She also serves as General Manager of the Steamboat Springs Water Works and produces jewelry for the Jewel Guild.
        Rev. Willis previously served with the Advocates as Co-Chair of the National League of Concerned Clergywomen (1990-1999).

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