The Right Reverend
Ileana Isfan

The Reverend
Carol Ann Crabb

The National League of Concerned Clergywomen seeks to preserve and protect the rights of professional clergywomen to carry out their sacred duties as guaranteed by the Constitution. Our specific areas of responsibility are with education and counselling. We are the sister organization of the American Association of Concerned Clergymen.

As clergywomen, we fulfill our respective ministerial duties and responsibilities. To fulfill our further responsibilities in the areas of education and religious counselling, we aim to ensure that every human being on earth has the right to experience and express his or her spiritual nature and gain a greater knowledge of God's Word without interference from any individual, group or state that might attempt to prevent such illumination.

To accomplish this aim, we dedicate our whole lives and beings to the instruction of the human family in order for them to be able to share in their divinity.

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