The Advocates for Religious Rights & Freedoms is a consociation of churches and ministers of the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent, that seeks to preserve , protect and defend freedom of religion and to protect the right of individuals to religious expression.

Neither the Advocates nor the International Community of Christ becomes involved in politics by supporting candidates for public office. Any activities in public affairs are based on issues that directly affect religious rights and freedoms.

The Advocates do not provide legal representation for individuals or organizations, nor is there any direct effort to influence legislation. The role is one of public information to promote awareness on issues and questions that affect the religious rights and freedoms of all Americans.

The Advocates honor the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and hold to The Universal Proclamation of Human Spiritual Rights adopted by The International Community of Christ in 1962.

The Advocates seek to preserve the freedom of religions, young and old, from discrimination and prejudice and to promote the rights of individuals to religious expression primarily through tolerance, understanding, education and ecumenical participation.

The Advocates recognize that all members of the human race are members of the same family, regardless of social or national origins, and have no right to cause physical, mental or spiritual harm to another by any means whatsoever, for such is against the will of God and the conscience of man as a spiritual being. The Advocates hold that all members of the human family have been endowed with a God-given spirit, and that for this reason men and women are moved to collect together in religious fellowship for expression of spiritual feeling.

The Advocates believe that each person's spiritual rights should come before any material rights, and that no person, group of persons, or social organ should have the power to deny those rights.